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Leadership is not to be taken lightly. Leaders have the option to stifle growth or nurture it. Leaders set the conditions for those who follow them to be GREAT! Anything less is unacceptable.

Seven Day Leadership Bootcamp

The Seven Day Leadership Bootcamp is an opportunity to add tools to your leadership kit bag. This course allows you as a leader or as an aspiring leader to continuing growing. Hopefully, you are taking this course because you want to continue setting the conditions for your team to be greater.


Major Moves in Leadership: Module 1

Leadership is setting the conditions for your team to be Greater. Building relations before but-in, knowing what motivates your team, praise in public, sharing knowledge, cultivating a winning culture, and understanding that it’s okay not knowing everything.


Major Moves in Leadership: Module 2

Leaders should build relationships before requiring buy-in. This module will give leaders and aspiring leaders tools to add to their leadership kit bag. Strive to be the leader that looks for opportunities to praise in public and correct in private. There may be extenuating circumstances that require you to make an on-the-spot correction. This is a case by case situation and leaders should create opportunities for team members to self-correct.


“Rochelle is one of the most personable and ethical persons I know. She emanates a confidence in her skills that sets her apart from the crowd and she always delivers on her promises.”

Melvin Lunkins

Iraq/Afghanistan Combat Vet/Director of Diversity and Inclusion University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry April 19, 2015

“Rochelle is a true professional that accomplished each task above standard. She performed as the best Executive Officer in the unit as she managed operational requirements by translating them into tactical accomplishments. Rochelle implemented a successful mentorship program to guide young female leaders in military service. Her commitment to mission accomplishment knows no bounds and defines her as a phenomenal leader.”

Dr.ChiChi Sturgill

Career Course Instructor at Soldier Support Institute June 10, 2014