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11 Tips on Getting Your Book Published

“Write and keep on writing. When you give up and stop writing, that’s when you have nothing left to say.” -R.E.Bridges (2020)

“Having a vision is only the beginning of your road to greatness. Never be content with just existing. You are destined for GREATNESS, so execute accordingly.” -R.E.Howard

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“Walking in GREATNESS goes beyond setting goals. There must be a plan, fools through, and a desire to move to the next level. Be greater than you were yesterday and plan to be the greatest you can be tomorrow. You ROCK!!” – R.E.Howard (2015)
Public figure Gloria Mayfield Banks

“If your heartbeat speeds up at the thought of exceeding a standard, it’s responding to GREATNESS. If your vision becomes clearer during execution, then your destiny is paved on the road to excellence. Why settle for anything less than what makes you…you? Your purpose is far greater than the rest. Lets go and flip that switch to BEAST MODE!” -R.E.Howard (2015)

“Execution is one of the most powerful words in existence. It is something that those of us who continue to grind…BREATHE everyday. You ROCK!” – R.E.Howard (2015)

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“God has given you something specific to say, so say it. Happy writing!” -R.E.Bridges (2020)

“Hip-hop to me is about real lyricists shining a light into their souls through words, rhyme, and music. 100% artistry at its best!!”- R.E.Bridges (2020) you h
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“GREATNESS is not designed to fit in, instead to be the exception. Embrace the fact that God has destined you to be different…to be set apart. You’re called to execute beyond your yourself. I speak life into your dreams and aspirations.” – R.E.Howard (2015)
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Operate in your GREATNESS!
A little poetry for your soul!