“Brooklyn Dreams Greater is a very good book. I like that the student had time to go home and ponder on what she wants to be when she grows up. She has a clear understanding of what she does not want to be. Then, to return to school with the hopes of being an entrepreneur is amazing. Many students do not know that being your own boss is an option. Great book!”- Juanda Bryant July 3, 2020

“Cute book! I like that Brooklyn had to go through her closet and pick out the perfect outfit for her first time at the zoo. This book is full of excitement about the different animals and the party.” –Juanda Bryant July 3, 2020

“If you are a new writer looking for a community of support then “Bridging the Gap Literary Works” is for you!” –Chantelle Harrison-Sasser January 7, 2020

“I recommend teaming up with Mrs. Bridges because the book was written very well. It not only engages young audiences it interest the parents as soon as you begin reading the story. “ –Steffanie Bridges December 31, 2019

“Rochelle is one of the most personable and ethical persons I know. She emanates a confidence in her skills that sets her apart from the crowd and she always delivers on her promises.”- Melvin Lunkins

Iraq/Afghanistan Combat Vet/Director of Diversity and Inclusion University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry April 19, 2015

“Rochelle is very professional, driven, dependable, and mission focused ready to teach, coach, and mentor.” Maria Gonzalez AMD Officer August 12, 2014

“Rochelle is a true professional that accomplished each task above standard. She performed as the best Executive Officer in the unit as she managed operational requirements by translating them into tactical accomplishments. Rochelle implemented a successful mentorship program to guide young female leaders in military service. Her commitment to mission accomplishment knows no bounds and defines her as a phenomenal leader.”

Dr. ChiChi Sturghill Career Course Instructor at Soldier Support Institute June 10, 2014