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Leadership is not to be taken lightly. Leaders have the option to stifle growth or nurture it. Leaders set the conditions for those who follow them to be GREAT! Anything less is unacceptable.

The book is about a little girl named Brooklyn. She had no idea what she wanted to be once grew up. Brooklyn is inspired to be an entrepreneur and leverage talent. In other words, she is inspired by her teacher to be the BOSS.

$12.00 (softcover)/ $26.00 (hardcover)

Brooklyn and Bailey are all set for a day of cake, animals, fun, and adventure.

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Transitions in life are necessary in order to grow. This book of poetry celebrates love, loss, and empowerment. Come outside of the box and experience moments of enlightenment.


This book of inspirational poetry goes beyond complacency. It is better to have loved, loss, and lived beyond right now.


In life there are moments that arouse your curiosity and inspire you to be greater. This book of poetry is raw, arousing, and motivational all at the same time.



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$20.00 (XS-XL)/ $22.00 (2XL and up)
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“I Dreamt of Afrika” (16x 20 acrylic canvas painting) $65.00

This painting was inspired by true essence. What is to become, shall be.

“Dream the Impossible” (16×20 acrylic canvas painting) $195

This painting is inspiration to go beyond the norm. Be encouraged to think outside the box.

“A Magical Night” (16×20 acrylic canvas painting) $105

This painting was inspired by the magic of Winter.


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